Friday, January 22, 2016

Toronto Street Scene By The CNE

With a daytime moon.

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amo sin blogg said...

Great image of windmill !

Joyful said...

It's been soooooo long since I've travelled to Toronto and been near the CNE grounds. I'm surprised to see wind power there. Happy SWF!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

It's subtle, but I like that moon!!

carolann said...

Wow the C.N.E has changed since I went at 17.

My parents used to take me every year when I was small. Faithfully.

I liked the highwire preformances back then.

The other entertainments. The stock car racing. Then stayed for the Fire works at end.

Now this day and age you need like three hundred dollars or more in your pocket to enjoy.

The free food booths are a laugh now.

When we went. Free food was a meal and some items to take home. We had a bag full.

When I was a kid. We had Elsie The Cow. Plus a real bear in a cage. That drew the kids.

Now it is so expensive. Our families go to Wonderland and Toronto Island.

Where does your family pleasure in Toronto? To make up from the C.N.E? I never seen those windmills but they are the latest right?

thomas said...

Moon and a wind turbine in the middle of the town?

fredamans said...

@Carolann; We love Toronto for visiting. They now have Ripley's Aquarium right near the CN Tower. That place is pretty fantastic and not too expensive. Most things in Toronto are expensive now as it grows and booms. It is harder to do the things we did as kids, but to experience it at least once with our children is a must. :-)

Vilt og vakkert said...

Heisann... I have never been to Toronto, but I think the countryside has someting in common with mine.
But your town is much bigger.... My granddaughter, 3, and I talked about the day moon last week... many reflections from a little girl... Have a nice week ;:OD)