Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegetation Nature Notes

My favorite tree in the world... all for its fruit.


Fig Newton's are my favorite. I also love figs roasted with honey.
What are your favorite ways to eat figs?

Nature Notes

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Leora said...

You are bring fond memories of when I stayed with my cousins in Israel in 2008. They live in the Galil and have a fig tree in the back of their home.

I do like fresh figs!

Rambling Woods said...

I do love Fig Newtons and I think that is my favorite way to enjoy figs.. Michelle

Jedediah said...

I like figs just as they are, but I also enjoy them drizzled with honey and together with prosciutto.

Gilly said...

Lovely green shots! Can't grow figs here - and supermarket ones are never the same as eating them warm off the trees in Greece..........

Karen S. said...

Lovely photos! My favorite way (besides nibbling too) is when I use them in my Figgy Pudding for Christmas Eve dinner!

Check this out


Bob Scotney said...

I like figs too and quite by chance my wife bought some this week. Too cold here for a tree unfortunately.

Alexia said...

Fresh from the tree - beautiful!

Gilly's Camera said...

Oooooooh! FIGS :)

our old walled garden had a gloriously ancient fig tree, every now and then my father hauled barrow loads of earth out from around the stem and shovelled stones in.

My favourite way to eat figs? Warm from the tree, on the way to school!

Thank you for lovely memories .....and a fabulous shot