Saturday, May 3, 2014


My newest Lily.

Keyhole Pictures

3 comments: said...

Is that replanted from years ago and you have it in your garden come up so beautiful now?

Why I ask. My hubby buys me lilies. years ago. I planted in the garden. Last year it came up and inch only.

Now I hope this year more.

This year he bought me two more at Easter. A white and an orange. They bloomed in house lovely.

Now my daughter in-law bought me a pink flower. The leaves did fall off. After two weeks.

I put in window cell. Took off dead leaves. It is growing nice more buds.

I don't know the name of the plant. My picture on profile is the plant. So can I plant it in the garden?

fredamans said...

No, I have an indoor garden. Mine come up every year about this time, but outside, after trimming, can takes some time to grow back. The wacky weather probably doesn't help much either.
Your plant you speak of, if it does well in the house I would leave it there. You may shock the plant if it has grown used to its surroundings.

Rambling Woods said...

Love the color