Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thematic Photographic: Shadows

Back in October I attended a conference in Toronto.
She's Connected.
I connected with many companies and brands, like this famous brand, McDonald's.
They were nice enough to give each of us bloggers our own personalized memento.
Coffee mug with out Twitter handles.
LOVE it!
Only one problem....
my Twitter is actually @fredalicious
So a small typo. Not even sure if you search with a big F if it will work or not, so maybe it's not a typo at all.
Gives me something to check out.
Still love it.

*Update - both handles work!



Geetalima said...

Hey! Those pictures are lovely! So is ur handle spelled correctly there?

Have a great week ahead

Aunt Snow said...

Nice, and this is a surprisingly nice coffee cup!

Karen S. said...

Cool, a fun time and (couple months later) theme ready!

Gilly said...

I like that coffee mug! Not too blatantly McDonalds!

And great shadows, too

Bob Scotney said...

Looks better than Starbucks or Costa; delicate shadows.