Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thematic Photographic: Retro

This past week was Supercrawl in our city.
Supercrawl is an arts festival of sorts.
I let the little lady snag a few shots with my camera, and one thing she shot was this retro pram.
The artists were selling their wares in it, but I remember just how old this particular model is.
Look at the wheels.
These were on prams built before the 70's.....
Doesn't get much more retro than that in my world, since I'm a flower child.

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Carmi Levy said...

Now THAT is a neat pram! I kinda wish I had had one of these when we were pushing our munchkins around. Instead we had a safety-tested, modern hunk of plastic that folded down oh so small into the trunk. Nowhere near as much fun or as memorable.