Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nature Notes #153


Creature of the night, (Rocky Raccoon), came creeping around during the day and did a Peeping tom in my window.
Poor little, rabid guy had only one eye.


Rambling Woods said...

What made you think he has rabies Freda? I hope not. I saw one in the daytime and thought rabies, but my friend told me that they do come out in the daytime and that didn't mean that they had rabies which I always thought was true..I hope your OK raccoon.....have a good week Freda..Michelle

Libby Rodriguez said...

Aww...actually, it would scare me if I noticed somebody peeking in the window though! Racoons can be very bold when they get around people a lot. They will just start walking up and taking things when we are camping LOL!

Pat said...

Poor little raccoon. I hope he doesn't have rabies.