Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thematic Photographic: Lights On


This is the lit city street I get to walk my dogs down night after night.
Yes, I wrote correctly. This is a lit street. There is street lights about every 3rd house, but you wouldn't know it looking straight down the street.
Halloween is creepy. Just sayin'.


Karen S. said...

I hope your dogs are big and protective! Because even not on Halloween it looks really dark out there, except for a small piece of hope here and there!

Max Sartin said...

Cool picture!

Lisa Shafer said...

Ah, I miss the days when my street was dark instead of lit up light a stupid Texaco all night. Appreciate it while you've still got it. I haven't seen the stars in a couple of years now, and I don't sleep as well, since there's ALWAYS light seeping in around the blinds.

Bob Scotney said...

That's an interestig way to shoot a line of lights. It would be intereting to see a daylight shot from the same spot. I wonder how far away you were from the end of the street.

Gilly said...

Ah yes! We used to live in an unlit village. Quite fun taking the dog out on a dark night. And on a dark morning too, in the winter!

Interesting photo!

Carmi said...

This looks so familiar, as our neck of the woods was originally all-dark, as well. Some residents banded together to have lights installed on a few streets around us, but they're not standard-city-issue, so the lighting is similarly oasis-like. Seeing this pic makes me think of every late-night dog walk I've ever taken. Love it!