Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thematic Photograhic: Watery


I miss summer so much.... but since the nice weather has hit southern Ontario I feel so much better. It's like winter really does sing the blues.
So anyway... I took this shot last summer in June. It's a marsh. obviously, but at that moment it really appealed to me. Who knew it would be almost a year before I use it... lol


Bob Scotney said...

I like the colour contrasts in this shot.

Little Nell said...

A nice contrast too between the vivid green of the living tree and the dead branches which have fallen into the water.

Lisa Shafer said...

How tranquil.
Wish I were there.

Alexia said...

A watery end - lovely shot.

Gilly said...

Beautiful colours - a really lovely summery shot!