Monday, July 18, 2011

Thematic Photographic: Vacation


This wasn't really a vacation, but more of a day trip with my sister and mom. We tripped out to Dunnville, Ontario, to the Grand River you see pictured. This was the day after the flood in 2009. This photo was taken from my great-grandparents former home in the front yard.

I also wanna share this photo, because it's one of my faves.
I took this photo on Via Rail, from Aldershot to Brockville. I was going to visit my mom, and was looking out the window. The effect coming from the rails hit me, and I immediately grabbed my camera. Amazing how fast we were really going that day. To put it into perspective for ya, the 401 Highway is next to the rails for some of the trip, and we were flying past cars and trucks on the highway. Yup, fast. I loved it!


Karen S. said...

Sometimes I think some of the greatest vacations are day trips that we take when we can.....both of these photos are great for TP's theme, and the last one is wild! Carry me away on the rails!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Love the second pic- I love graphic photos like that
Thanks for sharing with Carmi and his readers like me
Johnina :^A

Bob Scotney said...

If that second photo has been taken through the glass of a train window then it's even more remarkable.

Alexia said...

Yes - that train track picture is amazing! Very well done.

Carmi said...

I've been on that very stretch of rail, and I've also marvelled at the speed - both of the adjacent highway and the rails below. There's a sense of wonder to travelling by train - go Via! - that never fails to capture me.

I love both of these, for very different reasons.